Tsavo East Attractions

Yatta Plateau
One the world's largest and longest lava flow (300 km long).
Lugards Falls and the Galana River
Easy access to the rapids and possibility to spot majestic landscapes along the river.
Mudanda Rock
An outcrop rock of 1.6 km long with a large dam at its base. There is possibility to walk at the top of the rock, enjoy the cool breeze and watch wildlife drinking in the dam.
Aruba Dam
Built in 1952 across the Voi river, this dam attracts many bird species and migratory species.
Home to 4 of the Big 5 including large amounts of red-elephants, buffalo, leopards and lions.
Voi River
With all the lush vegetation along the Voi river and in the Kandara swamp, there is plenty of game to see in this area and is a good area to visit within Tsavo East. Look out for the fantastic Voi safari lodge that sits up on a hill and makes a great place to stay if you are visiting Tsavo East National Park.
The Sheldrick's Orphaned Elephants
Between 1955 and 1976 Daphne & David Sheldrick were co-wardens of Tsavo (David was the founder Warden of Tsavo East National Park) and it was during this time that they rehabilitated back into the wild not only elephants, but also a whole host of other animals that had for one reason or another needed help. These other animals included black rhinos, buffalo, zebras, elands, kudus, impalas, duikers, reedbuck, dikdiks, warthogs, civets, mongoose and birds. For her work in this field, including being the first person to successfully hand rear a newborn fully milk dependent African Elephant orphans, Daphne Sheldrick was decorated by the Queen in 1989 with an MBE. Today their conservation work continues within the reserve. For more information: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org
Mudanda Rock
Just north of Voi, you can find what is sometimes referred to as the miniature of Ayers rock in Australia. Almost 2 kilometers long it juts out of the surrounding landscape. On the western side of Mudanda rock there is some parking and a pathway which you can take to climb it, from the top there are some excellent views across the park from which you can sometimes see elephant as well as other game that gather at the natural small dam / water hole below the rock, especially during the dry season.
Galana River
The Tsavo and Athi rivers join together to form the Galana river, a permanent river which flows eastwards to the Indian Ocean and Malindi. Follow the road within the park that goes from the Voi gate to Sala gate and follows the Galana river as it must be one of the best drives within the park. Along the way you will also come across the Lugards falls and the Crocodile point.
Lugards Falls & Crocodile Point
Named after Britain's first proconsul in East Africa, Captain Lugard, the fallls are located about 60km north of Voi on the Galana river. The falls, which are actually a series of rapids are at their most impressive just after the rains. There is a parking area at the falls and you can either climb around the eroded rocks or walk down the river to view the rapids.
Below the falls about a kilometer further downstream is Crocodile point where you can often find some pretty large crocs as well as plenty of other wildlife including buffalo, hippo and the highly endangered Hunter's Hartebeest. This is also a great area for within the park for birding as well.